1. Bilateral Coordination

Baking can give your child lots of opportunity to develop and use both hands together in a coordinated way. Rolling balls of dough, rolling out dough with a rolling pin, and flattening dough with the hands are all great ways of letting kids practice their bilateral coordination skills.

2. Eye-Hand Coordination

Provide children opportunities to make decision and also let parents to listen and understand your children’s ideas.

3. Hand Strengthening in Baking

Baking with kids can give them lots of opportunities to strengthen their hand and finger muscles.

4. Spatial Perception and Planning Skills

We will provide a recipe involved when baking for you and your kids. Whether they read the recipe themselves (in words or in pictures) or follow your verbal instructions, following a recipe can boost your child’s listening and sequencing skills.

5. Doing Math While Baking

Kids will engage in measuring and conduct the number concepts in real life. Let them count out eggs and cups of flour. Let them measure liquids and use measuring spoons, and just expose them to the concepts of math in real life.